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Student Ambassadors



Ambassadors at Sartorette are a group of 4th and 5th grade students who help make our school a great place by promoting school spirit, planning and implementing character building opportunities, and providing assistance to staff as needed. Sartorette Ambassadors always model safety, responsibility, and respect, and ask others to show those qualities, as well. Ambassadors must follow fair guidelines and fulfill all duties when asked. Some of the Ambassadors Program requires some before and after school responsibilities. 


  1. Be a leader and role model for all Sartorette students.
  2. Be on time for your job or arrange for a substitute.
  3. Take care of all materials and equipment you use.
  4. Keep up with your school work and make up missed assignments.

 What do you do as a Sartorette Ambassador?

  1. Morning Greeters at the front of the school
  2. Morning Assembly Officers (lead pledge, discuss life skills)
  3. Passing out popsicles on Fridays at lunch
  4. Lost and Found Managers
  5. Choosing spirit days and counting spirit points for the whole school
  6. Helping at spirit assemblies
  7. Creating posters for school-wide events
  8. Organizing events that promote a positive school environment


If you do not honor the Ambassador Guidelines, the following disciplinary actions will occur:

  • 1st violation: Warning
  • 2nd violation: Suspension from the Ambassador Program
  • 3rd violation: Dismissal from the Ambassador Program

 Interested in becoming an Ambassador? Talk to your teacher on how you can apply!