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Playground and Game Rules

  1. If you hear a whistle, stop and look.
  2. No toys from home – balls, radios, dolls, etc.
  3. If you take a ball into a game and you leave, the ball must stay with the game.
  4. Everyone can play. If there are teams, the teams should stay even. If you wish to join a game, find another person.
  5. No running in tanbark. No balls in tanbark.
  6. One person at a time on the slides. Use slide in a sitting position. No climbing up or on the slides.
  7. No Climbing on top of bars.
  8. The traffic on the bars goes from the portable side to the ball wall side of the playscape. No jumping off the top of the playscape.
  9. No throwing or picking up of tanbark, rocks, sticks, or anything but balls.
  10. No touching at all. No tag. No pushing in line.
  11. Follow all Sartorette game rules. No making up your own rules.
  12. No playing behind portables or in any dirt area.
  13. No playing in the bathrooms.
  14. No kicking balls on blacktop area. No kicking rubber balls. You may kick soccer balls only.
  15. When first bell rings, walk to line – no drinks, no bathroom, no more playing – wait quietly for your teacher.
  16. When bell rings return balls to ball basket.
  17. Listen to and obey all yard duty supervisors.
  18. When you need help or have problems, find a yard duty supervisor. They are there to help you.
  19. Do not leave school grounds at any time without permission. If the ball goes over the fence, tell the yard duty supervisor.
  20. Do not play near any of the windows. On upper grade side, stay out of dirt area. On lower grade side, stay beyond the painted line.
  21. If you have a conflict, use Talk It Out. If that doesn’t work, get help from an adult.

Morning Ball – Green
Lunch Ball – Blue
Classroom Balls - Red