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For Families

Sartorette Parents

Your child spends about 1200 hours at school each year. Learn what is happening at school. Don’t rely on second-hand information, spend time at school and find out for yourself what takes place.  

  • Your teacher or  Home and School Club can give you information on the many areas of need for parent volunteerism.  Please fill out the Cambrian Volunteer Code of Conduct and give it to your teacher or the office.  Parents and other visitors MUST sign in and get a badge before going to a classroom. 
  • Please see our parking lot procedures here: SARTORETTE PARKING LOT PROCEDURES
  • Make it a point to know the staff members at school.
  • Attend conferences with your child’s teacher.
  • Keep a school file for each child, including medical records, pictures, fingerprints, and report cards. You may wish to add other pertinent information.
  • Encourage and Nurture Your Child
  • Treat your child with respect.
  • Build self-esteem. Concentrate on the positive and recognize your child’s efforts, not just his accomplishments. Be your child’s cheerleader as often as you are his/her coach.
  • Recognize your child as an individual and avoid comparisons with other children. Cultivate and appreciate your child’s strengths.
  • Read to your child and with your child. Let your child see you read.
  • Talk with your child about daily activities.
  • Keep your child healthy with proper diet, rest, and exercise.
  • Have your child’s vision and hearing examined annually or as recommended by your child’s physician.
  • Set standards for your child. Children count on caring adults to set limits for them.