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Health Office

Reporting an Absence

24 Hour Attendance Line: 408-264-4380 Ext.6102

**In an effort to maintain the health and safety of students and staff in the age of COVID-19, when parents/guardians call school to report students absent due to illness, please know that we may ask about symptoms and send helpful follow up information related to COVID-19. If your child is COVID-19+, we will call to ask about their symptoms and testing, and if the student has been on any Cambrian School District campus. For students participating in any on-campus programs, calls reporting illness will be followed up with specific instructions for the ability to return to campus. Thank you for your ongoing patience, collaboration, and support as we work toward the well-being of our students.

Please call the 24 hour attendance line at 264-4380 on the first day of your child's absence. Students are responsible for the missed work. Parents may contact the school and make arrangements to obtain homework. Please contact the school before noon for homework to be picked up at dismissal time. After 10 absences, parents will be asked to provide a doctor's excuse.

Medication Request

If you are unable to come to school to administer medication to your child, please have your doctor complete the Medication Request Form and fax to (408) 264-1758.

General Health Information

The incidence and severity of illness is greatly reduced when we work together and follow a few guidelines.

  • Parents of a child showing signs of illness or infection will be contacted. Please keep your emergency cards up to date for this reason.
  • Students put on medication for an infection should not return to school for at least 24 hours.
  • Medication (including cough drops, aspirin, etc.) cannot be administered at school unless the doctor completes a medication form. Forms are available in the office and can be faxed back.
  • Most medication can be timed so that the parent can give it at home. All medication must be kept in the office.
  • Students who are vomiting or running a temperature of more than 100 should be kept home.
  • Students with an unexplained rash should be kept home, and the doctor should be contacted
  • The school should be notified of any communicable illness so that notes can be sent to classmates (strep throat, chicken pox, lice).

Medical & Dental Appointments

Please make appointments before or after school hours. If this is not possible and your child must be released from school, please send a note to the teacher and come to the office to sign out your child. If your child arrives late to school because of a doctor's appointment, please ask your doctor for a note and have your child report to the office.

Children's Health Initiative
The Children's Health Initiative (CHI) was established to provide access to health insurance to the estimated 71,000 uninsured children in Santa Clara County. CHI includes three health insurance programs: Medi-Cal, Healthy Families and a new program called Healthy Kids.